Media Planning

There are hundred of media organizations in each country. Who are you listening to? What metrics will you use to decide where to spend? How do you measure your ROI?

Creatives & Production

Creative is the art of the game. How do you create concepts and content that will effectively communicate your message to that prospect? You need knowledge and experience. 

Digital Marketing

The numbers are important, but the quality of what you put out matters too. Understanding who you want to reach when and where are only a few of the things you need to know.

Market Research

Looking at what potential competitors are currently doing is not market research. Lets help you analyze the trends properly using comprehensive methods to guarantee results.

Event Coordination

We work with some of the best event marketing executives on both sides of the curtain. From Concerts to Seminars, Webinars to Live Games and church events, we have the team to deliver..

Marketing Strategy

It takes deep knowledge of a market to create a strategy that takes all the various factors that could influence your product into consideration. What game plan are you implementing?

Explore New Strategies


The International Approach

We have an advantage. It’s in the fact that we work with agencies in multiple countries. It gives us a bird’s eye view of what is happening around the world. Why limit your brand strategy to what is happening locally? Talk to a team member.

Your Brand Deserves Better

If you hire the wrong team, they will use your budget on a “silent movie campaign”. Orange3 will use tried and tested ways to effectively engage your customers without breaking the purse.


Dedicated Customer Support 24/7

The Orange team prides itself on providing quality customer service during and after each project. It’s in our DNA.

We cant fake it – even if we tried!